Abdominal Pain

Children can have abdominal pain for lots of different reasons, including constipation, infections, stress, and structural problems with their stomach and/or intestines. Constipation is actually a very common cause of abdominal pain in children, so visit the page on constipation to learn more about how to identify and treat constipation.

Come to the doctor's office if…

  • Your child has sudden or severe abdominal pain, even if he or she has episodes of severe pain but seems fine in between these episodes.
  • Your child has blood in his or her stool.
  • Your child is difficult to arouse.
  • You think your child is dehydrated.
  • Your child is refusing to eat or drink.
  • Your child has lost weight recently.
  • If your child has severe abdominal pain if their abdomen is tapped or when you go over bumps while driving, go to the Emergency Department .
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