A cough can be a sign of a viral infection like the common cold, which will go away on its own. Cough can also be a sign of a bacterial infection that might need antibiotics, like a sinus infection or pneumonia.

Come in to the doctor's office if…

  • Your child is younger than 4 months old.
  • Your child is coughing up blood or green or yellow mucus.
  • The cough has lasted more than one week and is not getting better.
  • Your child is cough so much it makes them vomit.
  • Your child's ears are hurting or they are pulling on their ears.
  • Your child's cough started after they choked on something, or you think they might have swallowed a small object like a toy.
  • Your child is wheezing or has noisy breathing.
  • Your child is having a hard time breathing or is breathing very fast.
  • Your child has a fever and is not acting like their usual self, like being much more tired than usual.
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