Diaper Rash

Diaper rash is extremely common in babies. It is a red homogenous rash that is located in the diaper area. It is caused by irritation of the skin due to urine, stool, or the diaper itself. Sometimes diaper rash can lead to a yeast infection that likes to grow in moist environments. Treat this rash by changing your baby's diaper frequently so that they stay dry and applying diaper ointments like Desitin or Vaseline to the irritated area after a diaper change. Remember not to use perfumed products or lotions because this could irritate the skin even more. Prevent diaper rash with frequent diaper changes and gentle cleaning of the diaper area with warm water and a soft cloth or with mild, nonperfumed soaps or baby wipes.

Come to the doctor's office if…

  • Diaper rash does not improve over a few days with frequent diaper changes and diaper rash ointments like Desitin or Vaseline.
  • The rash worsens or develops pus-filled bumps or blisters. This may be a sign that a yeast infection is developing.
  • Your child also has a fever, bloody stool, constipation, or diarrhea.
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