What To Expect After A Vaccine

The most common side effect in all vaccines is muscle pain at the site of injection. Sometimes children can develop a low-grade fever. In some cases, like the Influenza vaccine, people may experience much milder symptoms of the illness like a mild headache or mild body aches for one to two days following the vaccine. See "The Flu" section for more information on Influenza and the Influenza vaccine.

During your child's physicals, you will be given an easy-to-read handout describing each vaccination that your child will receive for their age. The handout includes information on the disease prevented by the vaccine, safety information on the vaccine itself, and side effects of the vaccine.

Come to the doctor's office if…

  • Your child received the rotavirus vaccine and within one week developed episodes of severe abdominal pain. In rare cases, this specific vaccine has been associated with intussusception, which is a problem with the bowels that causes severe abdominal pain.
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